Elevating conversion rates for sales calls

The ultimate solution for call prospecting


The best sales calls experience

SDRs are able to transition from importing contacts from the CRM into directly calling their prospects as well as syncing back to the CRM, without having to exit the app.


Your conversational guide at hand

Creating sales scripts has never been easier! Huntease allows SDRs to create conversational guides with a prompt feature for more organization and productivity. These guides work hand in hand with the dialer.

Experinece the fun of competitiveness


Leverage emotions to convert more leads

Identify ambiguous speech patterns directly from the prospect’s voice and immediately recognize their emotions and intent. Our deep-learning algorithms provide predictive analysis on when’s the ideal time to sell.

Integrating your essential tools for productivity boost

You can transition your team into Huntease seamlessly with the tools you’re already using.

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely, currently we offer integrations with Hubspot and PipeDrive only but many more integrations are coming soon.

Yes, Huntease is an outbound calling software with integrated VoIP that allows our users to have a phone number and make sales calls directly from our application.
Unlike other services, Huntease is designed to increase the efficiency of sales representatives and help them increase performance and productivity.

No. Huntease's voice emotional analysis feature is independent of language and reply's on the prospect's voice (pitch and tone) to analyse their emotions.

Get the best outcome out of cold-calling

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